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6491Re: [soaplite] Uninitialized Value in SOAP::Lite

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  • Thomas Boyda
    Jul 14, 2010
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      On Wed, Jul 14, 2010 at 8:52 AM, Dave Howorth
      <dhoworth@...> wrote:
      > Sorry but I don't have much experience with SOAP::Lite. Support seems
      > pretty patchy. When I was developing a simple program a couple of years
      > ago, I had to do a lot of my own digging into code that I'd rather hoped
      > would be a black box.
      > There seems to be a lot more activity around XML::Compile but I've
      > absolutely no idea whether it even handles SOAP.
      > But much as I like Perl, I suspect other languages are a better choice
      > for serious SOAP processing.

      I tend to agree that support for SOAP::Lite is patchy - I really like
      the interface it provides. I was thinking if there was an example of
      just pulling out the entire SOAP body without having to go through
      parsing, I could feed the XML Document to another routine to do the

      I have been trying to dig and debug the problem - but with little luck
      in finding a solution. I may have to bite the bullet and use something
      else. XML::Compile has a SOAP module and that may be a possibility. I
      would like to stay with perl if possible.

      Thank you,

      Thomas Boyda
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