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6485Uninitialized Value in SOAP::Lite

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  • Thomas Boyda
    Jul 12 6:40 AM

      I am still trying to find debug my earlier issues and I ran into
      another problem. This is in SOAP::Lite version 0.712

      Here is the warning/error:

      Use of uninitialized value $action in pattern match (m//) at
      C:/Perl/site/lib/SOAP/Lite.pm line 2674.

      In the subroutine find_target $action is initialized here:

      $self->on_action->(my $action = $self->action, $method_uri, $method_name);

      It does not appear that $action is set in the scope of find_target -
      because the error is in this line:

      if (defined($class = $self->dispatch_with->{$method_uri}
      || $self->dispatch_with->{$action || ''}
      || ($action =~ /^"(.+)"$/
      ? $self->dispatch_with->{$1}
      : undef))) {
      # return object, nothing else to do here
      return ($class, $method_uri, $method_name) if ref $class;
      $static = 1;
      else {

      What would be the best way to patch this to fix this problem.

      Thank you,

      Thomas Boyda
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