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6380[job assigment] exchange your Soap::Lite skills for beer money ;)

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  • Joff
    Oct 22, 2009
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      <<job assignment solicitation>>

      Sorry for the quasi-spam, hoping to get a hand from one of you. My startup has a Soap API our partners use to insert orders directly into our e-commerce site. It's a simple well documented API.

      One of partners wants to use our API with PERL. I told them that we'd convert one of PHP code samples from the API documentation into PERL. The code sample is a bit over 30 lines.

      I assumed this was super straight forward and sent over to a buddy proficient in PERL. Alas, to my surprise he had issues getting Soap::Lite to do what he wanted.

      So ... thought one of you experts would be able to make lite work of this assignment. I'll paypal someone $125 for their help converting my code PHP code sample to PERL.

      I'll provide the API documentation, code sample, and SOAP login credentials to test to ensure your PERL code sample works.

      If you can help us drop a note at joff@...