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6352Re: [soaplite] Empty results with SOAP::Lite - why?

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  • Patrick Schoenfeld
    Jul 27, 2009
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      Hi Joe,

      On Mon, Jul 27, 2009 at 11:56:56AM -0400, Joe Hourcle wrote:
      > Normally, with RPC-encoded, the response is a struct, not a string, so
      > inside the SOAP body, you'd see something like:
      > <versionResponse>
      > <version xsi:type="xsd:string> ... </version>
      > </versionResponse>

      thanks for enlightening me. I guess I need to learn more about SOAP
      basics, obviously.

      > As for the 'result()' comment from earlier -- unless you're using
      > autodispatch, SOAP::Lite returns a SOAP::SOM object, not the
      > response, so you'd have to call result() on the object to get the
      > value.

      Yeah, so far I understood it. I missed that part from the paste-
      After the commment would have been the following line:

      print $ver->result, "\n";

      > (in your case, I gave it a quick test, and it came up empty -- I was
      > able to call 'body' on it, and got back:
      > { 'versionResponse' => '0.1.2066' }

      Ah, so this is specific to the encoding of the SOAP data, as you
      said above. So I will now investigate a bit, if there are possible
      settings to change that behaviour (although its probably okay
      to access data this way - just out of interest).

      Best Regards,
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