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6335How to test that message generation and parsing?

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  • Michael Zedeler
    Jun 8, 2009

      I'd like to be able to use SOAP::Lite to generate soap request messages from a perl simple perl data structure and parse them again to check that I get the same structure back.

      Like so:

      $data_in ~> SOAP::Data
      ~> <your answer here>
      ~> <valid SOAP method or response request>
      ~> SOAP::SOM
      ~> $data_out

      And then I'll check that is_deeply($data_in, $data_out).

      I've tried using then envelope method on SOAP::Serializer, but it seems that its not possible to use that in conjunction with SOAP::Data. Is there some other way I can generate a complete envelope if what I start with is a SOAP::Data structure?