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6327Re: Bad stub: syntax error... in connecting with Open Patent Services

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  • mtys0904
    Apr 20, 2009
      Thank you.

      I tried ver.0710.08, but I got the similar error too...

      #use SOAP::Lite;
      use SOAP::Lite +trace => 'debug';

      my $service = SOAP::Lite->service('http://ops.epo.org/wsdl/ops.wsdl');

      (Error message)
      Bad stub: syntax error at (eval 95) line 7, near "-and"
      at /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.8/SOAP/Lite.pm line 3613

      As I was not able to upgrade SOAP::Lite ver. on Fedoracore3 environment, and I tried the ver.0710.08 on CentOS.

      My environment of this time is as follows;
      -CentOS release 5.2

      This time, I did not specify the getDDBJEntry part.
      The Lite.pm error occurred at the same Function with the error result I got in my previous try.

      (Function incuding "lineĀ@3613")
      3608 # Naming? wsdl
      3609 sub service {
      3610 my $self = shift->new;
      3611 return $self->{'_service'} unless @_;
      3612 $self->schema->schema_url($self->{'_service'} = shift);
      3613 my %services = %{$self->schema->parse(@_)->load->services};

      Carp::croak "More than one service in service description.
      Service and port names have to be specifie
      if keys %services > 1;
      my $service = (keys %services)[0]->new;
      return $service;

      I guess the error occurred in WSDL analysis process, but do you know how to avoid the error?

      Thank you again.

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