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6293Expect: 100 Continue and mod_perl

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  • sergey.romanovsky
    Mar 4, 2009

      I've got a problem with running SOAP::Lite service under mod_perl.
      In module SOAP::Transport::HTTP::Apache function handler there's Expect header processing:
      if ($r->headers_in->{'Expect'} =~ /\b100-Continue\b/i) {
      $r->print("HTTP/1.1 100 Continue\r\n\r\n");
      That's strange because Expect header is processed by Apache itself. So there's effect like:
      - a client send headers of a request with Expect header
      - the client receives from Apache '100-Continue'
      - the client posts the request
      - SOAP::Lite sends response: xml started with '100-Continue' generated by the code above
      - the client receives wrong xml and brakes.

      For now I just commented the print line and everything is works.
      Can you please help me to understand who is wrong here?