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6288First SOAP Attempt

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  • aka gw1500se
    Feb 17, 2009
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      This is my first attempt writing a simple SOAP::Lite client. I followed the documentation best I could, considering where I am on the learning curve, but am having no luck. First here is the SOAP information sent to me by the vendor:

      The following are the Web Service values in order to call this new
      Web service:
      - AccessURL:
      - SoapAction: ADMS_WebService#WSS_SetPackageStatus
      - MethodName: WSS_SetPackageStatus
      - NameSpace: http://www.MyDomain.com/ADMS/namespace/default
      - Type: Dynamic
      - ArgumentNames: PackageName, PackageStatus

      Here is the relevant code segments. The omitted part of the script is to generate the values for $data and $status.

      use SOAP::Lite +trace=> [qw(transport method fault)];
      my $soapuri="http://www.MyDomain.com/ADMS/namespace/default";
      my $soapproxy="http://imageone.mydomain.com:8080/4DSOAP";
      my $soapaction="ADMS_WebService#WSS_SetPackageStatus";
      my $soap=SOAP::Lite
              ->on_action(sub {return($soapaction);});
      if ($results->fault()) {
      else {
               print("SOAP result: ",$results->result(),"\n");

      The output produces no 'fault' and 'results' is a null string. In other words there is no error nor is there any output. The documentation is not at all clear on how to pass parameters to the method so what I used was a guess on my part. However, even if that were wrong, I'd expect an error of some kind. This seems like a relatively simple thing but obviously I am not properly transferring the information provided by the vendor into what SOAP::Lite needs. I know I am accessing the remote server but beyond that without even an error, I'm stuck. Can someone help on this? TIA.