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6250Re: Upgraded client, getting SOAP errors

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  • Tony Gravagno
    Oct 18, 2008
      I wrote:
      > > I tried changing the SOAP version to 1.1 just to send the content-
      > > type that it's expecting, but then other issues come up, like a
      > > hardcoded prefix SOAP-ENC:Array needs to be soapenc:Array.
      > >
      > > Can I force the content-type of a v1.2 transaction to text/xml?
      > > What else can be done to remedy this situation? The people who own
      > > the remote server will certainly not upgrade because of this.

      Radek responded
      > You can change the content-type with
      > $soap->transport->http_request->header('Content-type' => 'text/xml');

      Thank you for the suggestion. This does change the header but the
      server is now complaining that the client is using the wrong SOAP
      version. There is a major difference between the headers sent before
      and after the upgrade.

      Before upgrade:


      After upgrade:


      It looks like the server isn't prepared for the v2003 schemas that come
      with SOAP::Lite v0.710 compared to v0.55 - and we cannot change the
      server. As mentioned in my original post, SOAP-ENC:Array is hardcoded
      into the transaction code and doesn't agree with the newer schema

      My current recommendation to the client is to downgrade SOAP::Lite and
      that probably involves a downgrade of Perl as well, and that may affect
      yet other dependencies. Better suggestions are welcome.

      I'm hoping for a quick solution here, but my client is willing to pay
      to get this resolved quickly if a solution needs to be more involved.
      So far I have emailed Paul Kulchenko to request compensated services
      but I have not received a response. I welcome emails from qualified
      developers with references. You must have a complete understanding of
      the situation (I believe my postings here have provided that) and a
      ready proposal for a solution, we cannot fund research or education.

      Thanks for your time.
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