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6241RE: [soaplite] Re: How to get errors

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  • Oeschey, Lars (I/ET-83, extern)
    Oct 2, 2008
      > the parameter missing error you are receiving is because it
      > expects two (3)
      > args, and you were only sending one - now, you do need to get your
      > error detection working - and i haven't had any problem printing
      > the faultcode and strings -
      > i recommend you read the wsdl with soap lite that will get
      > the type correct.
      > in your second response

      as you can see from the post after that one (btw, this is the slowest
      list I know, not from participants but post speed, i.e. yahoo ;)), I've
      been able to trace sent and received stuff. I also managed meanwhile, to
      force the third parameter into "string" type, which can be seen with the
      trace. I still get the same error from the other side, which I blame on
      the server side now, but I still don't get the faultcode/string, and it
      definitely is sent (which is also seen in the trace mentioned in the
      previous mail)

      > faultstring may only contain
      > "500 Internal Server Error at soaptest.pl line 6"
      > perhaps your server side code is bad?

      maybe server-side code is bad... but the 500 Message comes not from
      *within* SOAP but is just the transport error (same as with a web
      server). I do see the SOAP fault in the trace, and it looks like it
      should be captured by SOAP::Lite, but it isn't...

      regards, Lars
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