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6239Re: [soaplite] Re: How to get errors

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  • patrick mariani
    Oct 1, 2008
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      eval is typically used to catch a critical error - exactly as  you said where perl
      does not return. 
      the parameter missing error you are receiving is because it expects two (3)
      args, and you were only sending one - now, you do need to get your
      error detection working - and i haven't had any problem printing
      the faultcode and strings -
      i recommend you read the wsdl with soap lite that will get the type correct.
      in your second response
      faultstring may only contain
      "500 Internal Server Error at soaptest.pl line 6"
      perhaps your server side code is bad?
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      Sent: Wednesday, October 01, 2008 3:28 AM
      Subject: RE: [soaplite] Re: How to get errors

      > I'm not a great perl person, but doesn't using eval put the fault
      > out of scope for the block in which you are attempting to print?

      I also practically never used eval, so I don't know ;)

      > I've always been able to get the error message back - and I
      > never use eval
      > (i understand that it is handy for trapping errors and not
      > crashing the script)

      The eval was a workaround, since without using it, I wouldn't get
      *anything* back in case of error, the http 500 error wouldn't even come
      back to me, and I had no idea if the call was successful.

      > also, why are you testing the error path through your code, or do
      > you really want to send a single param in your call ?
      > (as opposed to teInput("lala" , "lulu");)

      hm, what do you mean?


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