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6237RE: [soaplite] Re: How to get errors

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  • Oeschey, Lars (I/ET-83, extern)
    Oct 1, 2008
      > I'm not a great perl person, but doesn't using eval put the fault
      > out of scope for the block in which you are attempting to print?

      I also practically never used eval, so I don't know ;)

      > I've always been able to get the error message back - and I
      > never use eval
      > (i understand that it is handy for trapping errors and not
      > crashing the script)

      The eval was a workaround, since without using it, I wouldn't get
      *anything* back in case of error, the http 500 error wouldn't even come
      back to me, and I had no idea if the call was successful.

      > also, why are you testing the error path through your code, or do
      > you really want to send a single param in your call ?
      > (as opposed to teInput("lala", "lulu");)

      hm, what do you mean?

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