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6226Re: SSL and SOAP server (again)

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  • Thomas J Pinkl
    Sep 9, 2008
      On Tue, Sep 09, 2008 at 05:42:37PM -0000, fistan11 wrote:
      > Thomas, can you put any example here? Multithreaded SSL standalone
      > server could be MUCH MORE expressive than thousands of doc lines.
      > Thank you!

      I cannot post the code, as it is part of a commercial product that
      is sold by my employer. In pseudo code, it would look like so

      use IO::Socket;
      use HTTP::Daemon::SSL;
      use SOAP::Transport::HTTP;

      # set up HTTP and SSL options
      my %https_opts = ();
      $https_opts{LocalPort} = 443;
      $https_opts{Proto} = "tcp";
      $https_opts{Type} = SOCK_STREAM;
      $https_opts{Listen} = SOMAXCONN;
      $https_opts{ReuseAddr} = 1;
      $https_opts{Timeout} = 300;
      $https_opts{SSL_version} = 'SSLv2/3';
      $https_opts{SSL_cipher_list} = 'ALL:!LOW:!EXP';
      $https_opts{SSL_use_cert} = 1;
      $https_opts{SSL_key_file} = "server.key";
      $https_opts{SSL_cert_file} = "server.crt";
      $https_opts{SSL_ca_file} = "ca-bundle.crt";
      $https_opts{SSL_ca_path} = "/path/to/CA/certs";
      $https_opts{SSL_verify_mode} = 0x01|0x02;
      $https_opts{SSL_check_crl} = 0;

      sub https_daemon {
      # become a daemon (optional)

      # start HTTPS listener
      my $server = HTTP::Daemon::SSL->new( %https_opts );

      # accept loop
      while (1) {
      # wait for a client connection
      my $client = $server->accept();
      next if (! $client);

      # start a child process to handle the connection

      # parent process closes the connected socket

      sub start_child {
      my $server = shift;
      my $client = shift;

      my $pid = fork();
      return if (! defined $pid);

      if ($pid > 0) {
      # parent process
      } else {
      # child process

      # handle the HTTP connection and exit

      sub handle_http_connection {
      my $client = shift;

      my $soap = new SOAP::Transport::HTTP::Server;
      $soap->dispatch_to( $SOME_LIST_OF_MODULES );

      while (1) {
      # read HTTP request
      my $req = $client->get_request();
      last if (! $req);

      # handle HTTP request and generate HTTP response
      my $resp = &handle_http_request( $req, $soap );

      # send HTTP response
      if ($resp) {
      $client->send_response( $resp );
      } else {

      sub handle_http_request {
      my $req = shift;
      my $soap = shift;

      # process the SOAP request
      $soap->request( $req );

      # return the SOAP response
      return $soap->response();

      Note that error and signal handling have been omitted to save space
      and to direct attention to the main concepts.

      Also note that this represents a forking server, suitable for a UNIX
      type system (eg. Linux). It is not multi-threaded and it may not
      work on Windows.

      Thomas J. Pinkl

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