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6212wsdl and tweaks for .net interoperability

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  • maurice_aubrey
    Aug 27, 2008
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      Hi. One of our supplies updated their .net soap interface and our
      existing SOAP::Lite code is now failing.

      We're using a wsdl specification, so all we've needed to do to this
      point is:

      $soap = SOAP::Lite->service("file://$wsdl");

      And then call the stubbed methods. Here's an example of the soap body
      we're sending:

      <AuthID xsi:type="s:string">XXXX</AuthID>
      <EndpointID xsi:type="s:string">USA</EndpointID>
      <ResortID xsi:type="s:string">R1686</ResortID>

      The supplier is telling us it works fine for them if they repeat the
      namespace in each parameter. So, IOW:

      <tns:AuthID xsi:type="s:string">XXXX</tns:AuthID>

      I can't figure out how to tell SOAP::Lite to do that though.
      Can anyone help?


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