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6193Re: [soaplite] Apache Restart & Performance Question(s)

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  • Chris Woodfield
    Aug 19, 2008
      This is because mod_perl keeps the code in memory (and as such,
      doesn't necessarily reload it when the code changes) - however you
      shouldn't need to stop and restart apache; a kill -HUP or /etc/init.d/
      apache reload should do the trick.


      On Aug 19, 2008, at 2:44 PM, bnyec wrote:

      > My apologies if this has been explained before. I have set up a simple
      > Soap server, and it is working as expected. However i do have one
      > question,
      > When adding or modifying modules in my dispatch_do directory, i have
      > noticed changes do not go into effect until after i have restarted
      > apache. (tested with CGI-based with mod_perl Apache::Registry module
      > and mod_perl-based SOAP::Apache module)
      > Looking through this list/docs/google didn't yield any solid
      > explanations as to why. Can someone shed some light ??
      > Also, (any test case scenarios welcome) which configuration is suited
      > for best cpu/mem/performance ?
      > I need to set up a server for my dept, as i don;t know what kind of
      > load we are or might get yet, I just want to make sure whatever setup
      > i choose, can handle whatever is thrown at it.
      > Let me know if anyone would like/need more info,
      > Thanks in advance.
      > - B
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