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6176Re: [soaplite] Passing & via SOAP::Lite

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  • Mark Knoop
    Jul 14, 2008
      Rahed -
      > Have a look at SOAP/Lite.pm. Description starting at line 359
      > (SOAP::Lite, v.0.710.07) may be helpful.
      > hth
      > --
      > Radek

      Chris -
      > This is a normal substitution and *should* happen automatically; &
      > (like < and >) is an illegal XML character, so it gets encoded as
      > & in the SOAP XML message and is parsed back out at decode.
      > However, older versions of SOAP::Lite didn't do this substitution; I
      > just upgraded all my Ubuntu 6 boxen from 0.66 (the version from the
      > distribution) to the latest 0.71 from CPAN in order to fix this
      > specific issue. I'm sure you'll find other SOAP implementations that
      > don't do this automatically either.
      > HTH,

      Thanks guys - this helped alot. I was a bit unsure re the behaviour changing
      in the newer version of SOAP::Lite - also I was using XML tokens in my logs
      which were encoding the & again and confusing me. I got it working now.

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