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6173Problem with "http://" in string

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  • si_morton_uk
    Jul 10, 2008

      I'm new to SOAP::Lite and I've been following the simple examples I've
      found. However I'm stuck on whats happening here:

      The simple test server takes a string input and echos back to the
      client the string it gave. My problem occurs when I send it a string
      of XML with "http://www.xxxxxxxxxx.co.uk" in the elements. If this is
      sent then I get a blank response.

      From the client script:

      my $soap_test = SOAP::Lite
      -> uri ('Si_test')
      -> proxy('http://xxxxxxxxxxxxx/soap_server.cgi')
      -> echo($test_string);

      my $reply = $soap_test->result();
      print "$reply";

      From the server script:

      sub echo {
      my $class = shift;
      my ($to_echo) = @_;
      return "Echoing: $to_echo";

      When I make the call with $test_string = "http://www.xxxxxxxxxx.co.uk"
      I get the result:
      "Echoing: http://www.xxxxxxxxxx.co.uk"

      When I make the call with $test_string =
      "<test>http://www.xxxxxxxxxx.co.uk</test> I get the result:
      "Echoing: "

      Can you help a new guy out and explain what is going on here? Any
      suggestions on how to make the second call work and give back what it
      took in?

      Many thanks!