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6111Client through Apache module error

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  • occasoblu
    Feb 13, 2008

      I have a SOAP client call within an Apache module which is giving me
      an error, however when I use the same code from the command line I
      can easily get the connection, so I'm speculating that the issue is
      with the call being within the .pm

      The code is the following. I have it split to debug better.
      use SOAP::Lite;
      my $proxy = SOAP::Lite
      -> uri("https://bspace-dev-01/sakai-axis")
      -> proxy("https://bspace-dev-01/sakai-axis/SakaiSigning.jws?

      $r->log_error("bSpace proxy: $proxy); #DEBUG

      $reply = $proxy
      -> testsign($bSpaceToken)
      -> result;

      The DEBUG statement is printed correctly and I get
      bSpace proxy: SOAP::Lite=HASH(0x56ba48)

      however the second assignement fails with the error
      400 URL missing at /opt/apache/http-
      bSpace8090/lib/Apache/LocalAuth.pm line 178

      where line 178 is the $reply line. I have printed out the proxy hash
      in both the case of a standalone code and the one withing the Apache
      module, and they are pretty similar.

      Any suggestion on how to approach this problem?