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6109help with daemon server and WSDL

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  • axelelfner
    Feb 10, 2008
      I have a SOAP server that runs in daemon mode and am able to talk to
      it fine with a client (SOAP object) built using the uri + proxy
      methods, but I cannot get a client to communicate correctly via a SOAP
      object built using the service method. I have consulted every doc I
      can find, but what's missing in each example is a complete working
      scenario showing all the components - client, server (including any
      packages), and the WSDL file. It may be that the the cited examples
      are all for CGI servers instead of daemon servers, but I'm not sure,
      and have exhausted the permutations I can think of. Simple stubs
      would be enough to extrapolate from. Appreciate any assistance.
      Thank you.