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61Re: [soaplite] ANN: SOAP::Lite v0.47 released

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  • Duncan Cameron
    Feb 23, 2001
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      nmake test doesn't work on Win32 due to t/0*.t not being expanded into individual filenames. If the filenames are listed individually then it works fine.

      Duncan Cameron

      On 2001-02-22 at 20:18:00, Paul Kulchenko <paulclinger@...> wrote concerning '[soaplite] ANN: SOAP::Lite v0.47 released':
      >Glad to announce that new version of SOAP::Lite went live. New
      >- fixed test issues
      >- redesigned tests and split on core and optional for smooth
      >- slightly modified COM interface
      > minimal version is fixed to not require absent modules
      > included examples in C# and PerlScript
      > more documentation included, examples of handling hashes and arrays
      >- added compression for HTTP transport
      >- added mod_soap interface, add SOAP server functionality
      > with couple of lines in .htaccess or httpd.conf file
      >- added proper serialization of circular multiple references
      >- added handling PIPE and INT signals in Daemon server implementation
      >- added examples for cookie-based authorization
      >- updated documentation and added new examples
      >Little bit more about mod_soap feature. It allows you create SOAP
      >server by simply adding .htaccess file in current directory that has
      >something like:
      >SetHandler perl-script
      >PerlHandler Apache::SOAP
      >PerlSetVar dispatch_to "/Your/Path/To/Deployed/Modules, Module::Name"
      >In httpd.conf file you may also specify <Location> or
      > <FilesMatch "\.soap$">
      > SetHandler perl-script
      > PerlHandler Apache::SOAP
      > PerlSetVar dispatch_to "/Your/Path/To/Deployed/Modules, \
      > Module::Name, Module::method"
      > PerlSetVar options "compress_threshold => 10000"
      > </FilesMatch>
      >And any file with .soap extension becomes soap endpoint. SOAP hosting
      >with mod_perl doesn't seem to be too cumbersome.
      >Let me know if you have any questions, suggestions or find any
      >problem. Enjoy!
      >Best wishes, Paul.
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