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6074How the heck do i access an object returned as a result?

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  • Chuck Cochems
    Dec 8, 2007
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      I have this soap API i'm trying to talk to.

      And it likes to return blessed references as results...

      and I can't for the LIFE of me figure out how to get at the arrays
      and hashes it returns!

      Here's an example.

      $result = $c->GetLineConfigData($id,$key,"testuser",5107960603);
      # print Dumper ($result);
      unless ($result->fault) {
      print $result->result();
      print "\n";
      print $result->paramsout();
      print "\n";
      } else {
      print join ', ',
      print "\n";

      now what happens when I try to print the result?


      If i'm reading this right, $result and $paramsout now contain a
      reference to an object named WArningArray, which is an array, and an
      object named LineConfigData, which is a hash. Yet I have been
      completely unable to get at the data inside those objects! A simple
      defererence attempt seems to do nothing.
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