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6067RE: [soaplite] Return value wrong

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  • Oeschey, Lars (I/EK-142, extern)
    Nov 22, 2007
      > I test a little script currently that talks to a SOAP server (Deplhi I
      > think). I have used stubgenerator to get a perl module. Although the
      > server should return a "0" (no error) I get a "1". Could the module be
      > the reason?
      > heres the code:
      > use strict;
      > use SoapService qw(teInput);
      > my $result=teInput("test0","test1");
      > print $result;

      my fault, I solved it. The SOAP server checks the values, so the
      returned "1" was indeed correct, since my values were illegal ;)

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