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6066I need an example of a simple soap client

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  • Sarah Carter
    Nov 21 4:43 PM
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      Hello guys,
      I'm just starting out with visual studio 2005 and I'm trying to use c++ to send messages to a Perl based web service at my ISP internet website. I tried using a Perl client (located at my website) to send a message to my Perl based web service (also located at my website) and it worked just fine. you know, the "hi bye" example.
      however, I cannot seem to get the simple c++.exe program I created using visual studio 2005 to retrieve a response from the Perl based web service. I can send a message to the Perl web service just fine but it just will not return a response to my c++.exe program.
      I recently purchased new computers and I am now using vista and not xp. let me know if the problem is the security of vista. is it not getting through something on my vista computer? is something blocking responses from getting back to my c++.exe program?
      can someone shoot me a simple c++ example of something that works? something I can build on?
      Thanks ever so much, Sarah Carter
      Mmmm...who let the boys out...:)