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6060Re: Do you want me to approve job postings?

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  • rl_jcb
    Nov 20, 2007
      I don't know how much my opinion is worth, given I am new to the list
      and I am the person who sent a job posting that wasn't approved, but
      I agree. :)

      I've always found it useful for the lists I am on, even when I'm not
      looking for a position at that time. Like Mike, the perl mongers
      groups are some I am a part of that I have gotten some interesting
      jobs from.

      Plus, knowledge of SOAP::Lite is pretty specialized, and this is one
      of the best places to get access to these folks. It'd be a shame for
      anyone looking for a job not to find out about ones that are that
      well matched to their skills and interest. SOAP::Lite is a great
      piece of software - one which I've provided bug reports / hack-level
      fixes for before - and for which I've commended Byrne - albeit under
      a different alias than I am using for a job posting for the company I
      work at.

      Anyway, hopefully other people feel the same. Thanks for your time.

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