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  • viperformance
    Nov 16, 2007
      I wonder if anyone could help me with a few details of the internals
      of SOAP::Lite. Here is the situation. I have a SOAP::Lite server
      (server.pl) that is offered through HTTPS via that
      SOAP::Transport::HTTP::CGI interface. server.pl is very simple, as
      outlined in the documentation:

      -- server.pl --
      use SOAP::Transport::HTTP;

      One of the clients using this service is getting SSL verification
      errors. I realize that those are the domain of Crypt::SSLeay, but the
      question I have is about how SOAP::Lite handles a request. Which of
      these two does it do:

      1) server.pl receives the request and returns a response all within
      the same SSL connection (much like a normal HTTP request/response
      works in the browser).

      2) server.pl receives the SOAP request, does some processing and then
      makes a request *of its own* back to the calling client. This would
      require that the client's certificate would need to be verified by

      Another way of asking this might be, does SOAP::Lite do any sort of
      client certificate verification?

      Any insight into this would be much appreciated. I've been banging my
      head against this for days now...