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6045Re: [soaplite] POST & Host lines in http request

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  • Lev Lvovsky
    Nov 1, 2007
      Replying to my own post here, perhaps this is a developer question
      (not sure if the developer of SOAP::Lite is on this list):

      It seems that according to this w3.org link: http://www.w3.org/

      the 'Host:' header is a requirement of HTTP 1.1. I see that the
      SOAP::Lite module is hardcoding version '1.1' in the HTTP request,
      however is not setting the 'Host:' header. Additionally, the "POST"
      part of the request contains the whole URL which should be split up
      between these two header fields.

      Any comments, input, etc?


      On Oct 25, 2007, at 4:37 PM, Lev Lvovsky wrote:

      > Is there any way to split up the http request created by the
      > SOAP::Lite package so that instead of an http header like this:
      > POST https://foo.com/bar1/bar2.extension HTTP/1.1
      > we get something like:
      > POST: /bar1/bar2.extension HTTP/1.1
      > Host: foo.com
      > The server which I'm now submitting our SOAP query to doesn't like
      > the first format anymore, and insists on the second.
      > Thanks!
      > -lev
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