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6028Document Literal Support

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  • bolasnenhumda
    Oct 2, 2007
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      Hi all,

      I've started to use SOAP::Lite, and I have a bunch of questions:

      1 - The default style used by SOAP::Lite is RPC encoded. Is this the
      only style available? Am I able to use, for example, Document/literal,
      or document/literal encoded (Ok, this is hard to get knowing the
      specification for this is not open -_-).

      In case we have only RPC encoded style, is there any way to access
      .Net web services, for example? What I mean is: is there a way of
      accessing services which are not available in RPC encoded?

      2 - Does SOAP::Lite generates automatically WSDL for us, based on our
      available web services? I read that it doesn't, but the post was from
      2001 ^_^. If not, do you know any perl module capable of doing it?

      And that's all (for now :p)

      Thanks in advance,
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