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5950Multiple mod_perl instances and SOAP::Lite

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  • Enrique J. Hern├índez
    May 21, 2007
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      Firstly, I'd introduce myself. I'm one of the developer from eBox
      platform [1], a perl-based SME server. The GUI currently relies on a Web
      interface but we are trying to serve through a Web service with SOAP. In
      order to achieve, I'm using SOAP::Lite (client and server) with SSL
      mod_perl based server.

      We had had some problems related to authentication process but they're
      resolved right now. However, I'm experiencing some problems related to
      have some processes to serve HTTPS requests. The problem is if there are
      more than one apache-perl child, second SOAP call fails always (Failed
      to locate method message is sent). However, if the server just serves
      only request at time (one process), SOAP code works flawlessly. Mod_perl
      documentation explains some known problems if global variables are set,
      I suppose problems could come from here.

      Is anybody having the same issues? Is there any solution?

      Best regards,

      [1] http://ebox-platform.com

      Computer science engineer
      Warp Networks S.L. http://www.warp.es/en