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5941SSL + SOAP Server

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  • jrpfinch
    May 11, 2007
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      I am completely new at SOAP, SSL and internet-related protocols
      generally and am looking to build a SOAP client server interface in
      Perl. I have managed to get the HTTP Daemon example working, which
      is great. This can be found here:


      I am now keen to get this working over HTTPS. I have read through
      as much documentation and as many old posts as possible. The most
      promising post I found was this:


      I have installed HTTP::Daemon::SSL, but the documentation seems
      sparse. I would be very grateful if someone could throw me a bone
      so I can start trying to implement 'a forking server based upon
      HTTP::Daemon::SSL'. I will of course post any working code I end up
      with, so others can learn from my experience.

      Many thanks