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5937Deserialize : xml attributes as object attributes ?

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  • ivan_555
    May 4, 2007
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      How can I force SOAP::Lite when it does deserialization to set the
      xml-attributes like object-attributes.
      When I make the soap request I get structure like this :

      recordList => record [
      { field1 => val1 , .... },
      { field1 => val1 , .... },
      { field1 => val1 , .... },

      this comes from XML like this :

      <record id="X">...</record>
      <record id="y">...</record>
      <record id="z">...</record>

      As you may expect the "id" attribute is not returned :(
      So my goal is in some way to put the id into the resulset..!!
      the question is how ?
      If it was one record i could easily used ->dataof('//..'),
      but no luck.

      Even if you dont have final answer, just give me some advice !
      where to look, what method of the SOAP::Lite to modify to make it
      This is very crucial , so pls help me :)

      10x alot in advance