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5718SOAP Toolkit 3.0 and SOAP::Lite interoperability problems

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  • JuanFco Rodriguez
    Nov 23, 2006

      I think I'm experiencing some kind of interoperability problem
      between an ASP client and a SOAP::Lite server. I'm using the
      SOAP Toolkit 3.0 for sending request.

      The problem seems to be that the SOAP Toolkit uses carriage
      returns/line feeds when encoding data to base64Binary, and I
      think the SOAP::Lite server doesn't get the request well.

      Could somebody confirm that I am right on this ?

      I attach on this mail the request that the SOAP::Lite server seems
      to be receiving, thanks in advance.

      Juan Francisco Rodríguez
      Alma Technologies
      Valentín Beato, 23. 28037 Madrid (Spain)
      Tlf: +34 91 407 27 97 (ext 302)

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