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5716WSDL Generator for Perl Code?

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  • joby_jones
    Nov 21, 2006
      I'm writing several different SOAP servers, all of which will need to
      communicated with Java.

      How should I generate a WSDL file to describe my SOAP::Lite based
      servers' functions?

      Please tell me if I'm missing something obvious. I'm hoping I am.

      My research so far has turned up the following options. Please
      comment. I'm willing to put in solid effort, and contribute back to
      the community, but I want to make sure my efforts are well placed.

      - Use WSDL::Generator? Make test fails. Interestingly, Class::Hook
      compiles and passes it's tests just fine. (I am running perl 5.8.6,
      and Class::Hook states that it has only been tested on perl 5.6.)

      - Does anyone currently use WSDL::Generator? On Perl 5.8.6?
      - Has anyone done any work (even preliminary) to port
      WSDL::Generator to perl > 5.6?
      - If not, do you recommend that I pursue it?

      - Use Pod::WSDL? It looks like an excellent start, but still very
      short of the support provided by Apache Axis (Java).

      - Does anyone currently use Pod::WSDL?
      - Has anyone used it to handle complex data types, e.g. hashes
      of hash refs?
      - Do you recommend pursuing Pod::WSDL over WSDL::Generator?

      - Write it by hand? Goodness, my Java colleagues will mock me. If I
      must, are there tools or documents that will make it easier to do this?

      Thank you,
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