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5639Re: [soaplite] soap and load balancer

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  • Thomas Eden
    Sep 30, 2006
      It depends on the load balancer you are using. I use a software solution - balance, from those geniuses in Germany (http://www.inlab.de/balance.html). I am load balancing 6 instances of my web service across 6 machines. To make things even more *available* we use the forked process model, effectively making 180 processes available for our web service.

      This has been running in production for over 3 years now, and we average around 30000 requests a business day, so I think we have a decent solution.

      Thom Eden

      On 9/30/06, david_ster <david_ster@...> wrote:

      I developed a client server application. Now I use a fixed endpoint to
      the cgi, but I need to switch to a load balancer, in order to address
      the call to the proper web server....is that possible with soap? Won't
      the SOAP message be braoken by the load balancer?
      Thanks anybody for the help!!!

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