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562RE: [soaplite] DBI and SOAP::LITE

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  • Chris Davies
    Jul 3, 2001
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      Can you post a *small* example script that fails in the manner you describe?

      I'm using DBI with SOAP::Lite (0.50) both as client and as server and it
      works just fine for me.

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      Subject: [soaplite] DBI and SOAP::LITE

      Hi, I'm using DBI in a SOAP::LITE script, but whenever I try to
      connect to the database server, nothing happens, not even an error

      I tried the same connect in a normal skript and it worked fine.

      I have tried entering nonsense for the driver or host values and it
      does not give me an error message either.

      I'm fairly sure it's not a a CGI problem. It seems like the script
      continues without waiting for the connect to complete.

      I know DBI has trouble with multi-threading, so I wondered if
      SOAP::LITE puts the subs into a new thread.

      Anyone had this kind of problem before? Might be just some ENVvar
      problem but the DBI manual lists nonsuch.


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