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5594How to "setHandlers" on Soap::Lite (and related questions)

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  • Mike B
    Sep 11, 2006
      Greetings.  I have been using SOAP::Lite as a client in Perl for most of a year now and found it pretty nice. I do have some questions that, regretfully, I have not been able to answer for myself.

      My Questions
      1. As a web service client, how can I set low-level "Handlers" to process in-bound data? (See XML::Parser eexample below for a sample of what I'd like to accomplish with SOAP::Lite)
      2. If I can set Handlers on SOAP::Lite, what impact does the use of compression have on performance?
      3. If I can set Handlers on SOAP::Lite, what impact would the use of encryption have on performance?

      The Context
      1. Using SOAP::Lite for a Perl client
      2. Transferring XML in the body of the SOAP result
      3. Currently using compression

      My Basic Usage

      This is my basic usage for SOAP::Lite usage as a Perl Client (see pseudo-code:)
      my $ws = SOAP::Lite->proxy( $urlLocation, timeout => $SOAPTIMEOUT );
      my $header = SOAP::Header->name("")->value ...
      my $body = SOAP::Data->name("")->value( $content )->type('xml');
      $result = $ws->$action( $header, $body );

      XML::Parser Example

      I know how do what I want at the XML::Parser level but not sure how do to this with SOAP::Lite (see pseudo-code:)
      my $handlers = { Start => \&handle_start,

                       End   => \&handle_end
                       Char  => \&handle_char # not used
      my $parser = new XML::Parser(
                          Handlers => { %{$handlers} }
      $parser->parse( *TEMPFILE );

      Thanks in advance for any tips, url links, class names, subroutines names, or mental projects towards the answers to my questions.

      Mike  Bigg at  (no spam) ya H oo dot com

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