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5585RE: [soaplite] Re: WSDL limitations

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  • Sherzod Ruzmetov
    Sep 6, 2006
      In the XML Schema whatever is defined as complexType.
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      Thomas J Pinkl <thomas.pinkl@ sxc.com> wrote:

      On Tue, Aug 29, 2006 at 05:44:04PM -0000, barry_roomberg wrote:
      > According to the docs:
      > Limited support for WSDL schema.
      > What exactly does this mean?
      > I've got a vendor who provides a SOAP interface into their system, and
      > it is based on the WSDL file they provide. What should I be on the
      > lookout for that won't work?

      >>I haven't used WSDL files as input to a SOAP::Lite client, but from
      past traffic on this list it seems that SOAP::Lite's support for WSDL
      is limited to basic data types.

      And what are the data types that arent supported (WSDL in SOAP::Lite) ? My problem seems to be related to this, as my return data type is a huge file ( kind of CLOB)


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