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5578Getting the request object on the client

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  • Himanshu Garg
    Sep 4, 2006
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      I need the request object on the client. It is apparently
      necessary to get rid of the following error:-

      Can't call method "send_cgi_header" on an undefined value at (eval
      352) line 62

      However my client uses autodispatch and I don't have any object on
      which I can call the transport->http_request() as required in this
      link (http://www.soaplite.com/2005/03/unlocking_065_d.html)

      Could you suggest solutions or workarounds, please.

      Thank You,

      ============================ CODE BEGINS ==========================

      #!perl -w
      use CGI;
      use SOAP::Lite +autodispatch =>
      proxy => 'http://www.foo.com/soap/',
      uri => 'http://www.foo.com/Login';

      # create a CGI object to show a false CGI request
      my $cgi = CGI->new('username=hg&password=hg');

      # call the new method of Login module
      my $login_form = new();

      # create a session object
      my $session = $login_form->setup($cgi);

      my $request = transport->http_request();

      # Need the $request object to call this
      $login_form->handle_login($cgi, $request);

      ============================ CODE ENDS ==========================
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