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5561Application failed during request deserialization

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  • vitre0us
    Aug 21, 2006
      Oh, Great and Venerable List... Help!

      I have a SOAP server script that I wrote that has been chugging away
      perfectly fine for nearly a year now... and just within the past few
      weeks we have encountered errors such as these...

      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><SOAP-ENV:Envelope
      failed during request deserialization:
      unclosed token at line 2, column 4042, byte 4081 at
      line 185

      Normally I would start pointing fingers at the SOAP client's (which I
      am not responsible for! hehe) XML request...

      However after packet sniffing the communication between client and
      server, the XML payload looks perfectly fine. For lack of a better
      idea of evaluating the data I opened it in Firefox to parse the XML
      and it had no problem at all... I also attempted as best I could a
      visual look over of the token spoken of.

      I am unable to provide the actual data for your evaluation because it
      contains sensitive information that wouldn't be apropriate for public

      The data itself that is being transmitted is of the same type as the
      data that has been sent for the past year... the only thing that has
      changed is that the amount of data has dramaticlly increased...

      Headers report the POST Content-Length: 208759

      And I double checked to make sure that number is correct and the data
      is not being truncated.

      Does SOAP::Lite or the XML::Parser modules have known issues with very
      large requests ?

      Thank you any suggestions! I'm Not sure where to go next with this one...