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5540Serializing 'ArrayOf_xsd_string'

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  • Vince Veselosky
    Aug 13, 2006
      I'm pulling my hair out here.

      I have a service, created from a WSDL, with a call signature (int,
      int, String[]). But when I pass it two integers and a reference to an
      array of strings, it says:

      Type 'ArrayOf_xsd_string' can't be found in a schema class

      What's the catch here? Is there no default serializer for an array of
      strings (as opposed to an array of AnyType)? And if not, how do I
      create one?

      I tried searching the archives and googling this error message, and
      got zilch. Has no one seen this before?

      Any and all help appreciated,
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