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5537Re: [soaplite] WSE-Security 3.0

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  • Achim Grolms
    Aug 12, 2006
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      On Monday 07 August 2006 23:33, jvrobert wrote:

      > I'm not really experienced in Kerberos or
      > SOAP::Lite, and I shamelessly copied some of the code from
      > LWP::Authen::Negotiate for an example of how to encode the
      > BinaryToken.

      If there are Kerberos (and GSSAPI) questions maybe I can help.
      I am not experienced in WSE 3.0 (I only used Kerberos Authentication
      on HTTP-Layer against IIS with SOAP::Lite).

      I have read the examples on
      The examples use 'HOST' (in uppercase) as servicename.
      Your code uses 'host' in lowercase as servicename.
      What standard specifies what is correct, where can I
      download that standard?

      In general: If you use GSSAPI.pm always check the returnvalues
      (GSSAPI::Name->import can fail, for example),
      many things can go wrong in the GSSAPI(Kerberos) layer,
      and if the user of your code gets no errormessages from
      Kerberossystem he will be lost...

      > I don't know enough about SOAP::Lite to do a real patch,

      Me too, but I am willing to add my knowledge on Kerberos and GSSAPI
      (If someone needs it).

      > Here's an example script that uses the wrapper,
      > followed by the wrapper itself.

      Thank you,
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