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549Java Vectors

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  • Ian Kallen
    Jul 1, 2001
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      I'm accessing an Apache SOAP server with SOAP::Lite, getting a
      serialized Java bean's data as a Perl object works great! However, one of
      the methods returns a java.util.Vector of beans. Apache SOAP serializes
      the individual beans in <item /> containers but if I call SOAP::Lite's
      ->result I just get the last one, not a list of them. I'm still
      re-reading the SOAP::Lite pod but I haven't yet gathered how to get the
      Vector as a more "natural" returned state: a Perl array of objects (it
      really is the Perliest thing to do with it).

      BTW, I know the Vector is fully populated both by sniffing the SOAP
      transactions and by calling Data::Dumper on the method call (ref says it's
      a SOAP::SOM object). Anyone have any light to shed on converting Java
      Vector's (which are basically a dynamic array of objects) into Perl
      array of objects? Examples? Guidance on subclassing the deserializer (if
      indeed that's the best way to approach this)?


      Ian Kallen <spidaman@...> | AIM: iankallen
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