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5488Re: [soaplite] help with performance issues

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  • Jay A. Kreibich
    Jul 10 10:24 AM
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      On Mon, Jul 10, 2006 at 01:04:28PM -0400, Andrew Hicox scratched on the wall:
      > Jay, thank you!
      > I was unaware that one could choose which xml parser package to use.
      > I have the expat based XML::Parser installed already, how do I instruct
      > SOAP::Lite to use it instead of XML::Parser::Lite?

      I'm fairly sure that if SOAP::Lite can find XML::Parser, it will
      automatically use it. XML::Parser::Lite is only used as a fall-back.

      Someone with a better understanding of the internals of SOAP::Lite
      might chime in on this, however.

      In that case, the only thing would be to verify that XML::Parser and
      expat is installed somewhere SOAP::Lite is going to find it and
      correctly import it. With mod_perl that's sometimes a bit tricky,
      but if things are installed in the default places, it should work.


      Jay A. Kreibich | CommTech, Emrg Net Tech Svcs
      jak@... | Campus IT & Edu Svcs
      <http://www.uiuc.edu/~jak> | University of Illinois at U/C
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