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5481Better but have a problem. Re: [soaplite] SOAP::Lite 0.68 Released

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  • Chris McMahon
    Jul 7, 2006
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           This is significantly better than 0.67.  However, I'm getting an error vs. the WSDL I need to read:

      Type 'ArrayOfstring' can't be found in a schema class 'SOAP::Serializer'

      Any ideas on fixing this? 

      On 7/6/06, Byrne Reese <byrne@...> wrote:

      I have released a new version of SOAP::Lite. It is available on
      sourceforge now, or on CPAN in a couple of hours. The new version is
      0.68 and includes a number of fixes that make working with WSDL less
      error prone.

      What motivated the fixes is working with Google's APIs (specifically
      the AdWords API). So I have confirmed that that works now.

      Please let me know if you experience any problems so that I can patch
      it immediately.

      Byrne Reese
      Lead Developer, SOAP::Lite

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