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  • gayathri athreya
    Jul 3, 2006
           Here is a small sample code. This code was originally in Java and I had to rewrite it in perl. It takes a while to actually understand how SOAP works but once you do, the language is not a barrier, the perl module is just as efficient and easy as java or C#. It is done exactly like the way you do it in java, only the function names are different. Please refer to www.perl.com for articles on SOAP, they were of immense help to me. Hope this helps.

      use SOAP::Lite;
      use SOAP::Lite +trace => [qw(debug)];

      my $ENDPOINT = 'http://your url';
          my $lucas = new SOAP::Lite(endpoint => $ENDPOINT, proxy => $ENDPOINT);
                  my @params = (
                  my $response = $lucas->call('yourFunction' => @params)->result;

      Octavian Rasnita <orasnita@...> wrote:
      From: "theorem21" <bryant.eadon@ csfb.com>

      --- In soaplite@yahoogroup s.com, "Octavian Rasnita" <orasnita@.. .> wrote:
      > I need to create a SOAP::Lite client in perl and I don't have
      specifications for doing this in this language.
      > I do have an example in C# though. Can you help me with the smallest
      code you can that can help me as a sample of making the following
      program in perl?
      ************ ********* *****

      I'll reword your question to what I think you're really asking ...

      "I don't know how to do this, here's my WSDL and code in C#, do it for
      me in Perl."

      Without "specifications" or it's brethren -- "requirements" you can't
      build anything efficiently, let alone farm it out to someone. I
      suppose you mean something else.

      Regardless, take a look at the perl documentation for this module :
      http://search. cpan.org/ ~byrne/SOAP- Lite-0.67/ lib/OldDocs/ SOAP/Lite. pm


      Thanks for helping me.

      I have already read the SOAP::Lite POD documentation and I have already read
      some pages from soaplite.com site. They helped me to learn a little how to
      create a SOAP client in perl if I also have the code for the SOAP server
      which is also in perl.

      The problem is that I don't know what I need to use as uri() because I don't
      know which is the namespace that I need to use.

      I have tried using the same name as the method's name and a few other
      strings, but without success.

      The guys that made the server could give me some examples in C# or Java, but
      nobody uses perl for this.... and I think I start to understand why...


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