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5266Re: [soaplite] memory leak

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  • Ollie Cook
    Mar 14 4:30 AM
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      On Mon, 2006-03-13 at 21:00 +0000, Ollie Cook wrote:
      > On Mon, 2006-03-13 at 12:58 -0800, Byrne Reese wrote:
      > > That object is to track whether an object has been parsed or not to
      > > avoid circular/infinite loops in processes href references. Make sense?
      > Should the hash be cleared, then, after each successful parse of an XML
      > response?
      > At the moment it is growing between requests. If the XML returned is
      > sufficiently different on each iteration, the memory consumption grows
      > quite rapidly.
      > Ollie

      Having instrumented this further today, I can say that the problem is
      not in SOAP::Lite but rather XML::SAX (which I use through XML::Simple)
      as a deserializer. If I switch to using XML::Parser (my XML is generally
      quite small, so the trade-off is OK) rather than XML::SAX the resident
      size of the process does not grow.

      Byrne, you're off the hook! :)


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