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52Re: [soaplite] Performance?

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  • Paul Kulchenko
    Feb 21, 2001
      Hi, rclauer@...!

      Actually it's exactly my configuration :). You din't name your OS,
      but on my Win98 CGI script runs about one second, which is not
      exactly what I'm looking for. With mod_perl, Apache::Registry or
      daemon situation is little bit different, about 10 times better. I
      got reports about ~20ms (twenty) for CGI implementation, which is not
      bad. I'm working on it (and performance was slightly increased), but
      there is not much I can do. Any suggestions? Ideas?

      Best wishes, Paul

      --- rclauer@... wrote:
      > This is quite an interesting module! I had been thinking about how
      > I
      > was going to invoke some remote methods in Perl about 6 months ago
      > when I saw this in Linux Journal. Cool!
      > Got it working but the performance (even locally) is very poor. I
      > suspect it is my configuration (a P100 w/64MB RAM, Apache, perl
      > 5.6.0
      > running as CGI) but wondered if others have had similar experience
      > before I chalk it up to my wonky machine. I have mod_perl
      > installed
      > but for testing this module I have not enabled it to use that
      > module.
      > Any thoughts?
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