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5193Server implementation: stubmaker vs. roll-your-own ?

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  • napc_kai
    Feb 8, 2006

      hoping for some advice here.
      I need to create a server to respond to a 3rd party client.
      They have provided the WSDL file, and I have generated
      a module using stubmaker.pl, but this is where I am stuck.
      For a server do you define the actual sub function in that
      module that are defined in the %methods hash, and they
      are subsequently called when the incoming SOAP message
      is dispatched ? It wasn't clear to me from what I've read
      if this stub module is meant to be used when implementing
      a server.

      After many hours of puzzlement and frustration I created
      my own package that implements each function and is
      successfully called by the client. Here though I need to
      add the complex data types which are choking during

      So, from a server standpoint what is the best approach:
      Using the module created by stubmaker.pl or just creating
      your own package ?

      a nudge in the right direction would be much appreciated.


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