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5173SOAP::SOM, dataof and namespaces in resulting SOAP::Data

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  • Bruno Harbulot
    Feb 2, 2006

      I'm trying to get a SOAP::Data object (from a SOAP::SOM) that can be
      serialised later on with its namespaces (and full SOAP::Data content).
      For example, if the XML looks like this:

      The SOAP::Data object obtained with $som->dataof("...") is a
      SOAP::Data=HASH that contains this:

      _name => EndpointReference
      _uri => http://www.w3.org/2005/03/addressing
      _signature => ( ARRAY(0x8167e7c) )
      _value => ({
      Address => http://www.mydomain.ac.uk:5000/myaddress
      _prefix => wsa
      _attr => { }

      Although the namespace is fine in the containing element, the
      <wsa:Address/> element is not recognised as a SOAP::Data object, but
      only as a simple HASH, without the namespace prefix.

      As a result, when trying to return such an object, the namespaces are lost.

      Is there anyway to get all the information, including namespaces of the
      contained elements in a SOAP::Data object from a SOAP::SOM object?
      (I'm using SOAP::Lite 0.67)

      Best regards,