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5154[PATCH] Content-Type: header grows and grows

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  • Ollie Cook
    Jan 27, 2006
      Under SOAP::Lite 0.66 the Content-Type: HTTP header grows and grows with
      each call. Enabling 'trace' shows the header being sent as follows:

      Content-Type: text/xml; charset=utf-8; charset=utf-8;

      The number of occurrences of "charset=utf-8" increases with each call.

      I thought this might have been related to the use of HTTP Keep-Alive and
      the PATCH_HTTP_KEEPALIVE constant, but disabling those doesn't modify
      this behaviour.

      The bit of code that introduces this behaviour is in

      $req->content_type(join '; ',...

      I have attached a patch which resolves this for me. I'm not terribly
      familiar with this module though, so there may be a better way to fix



      Ollie Cook
      UNIX Scripter
      Information Systems

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