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5152Vedr.: Re: [soaplite] Problem with mod_perl server, server closes connection

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  • Jonas B. Nielsen
    Jan 26, 2006
      Hi Eric,

      Thanks for the response, I dumped the @INC array to the error log and it contains the path where my modules are :-/

      I even tried requiring the the module in question as a bareword so it would be located via the @INC array, but still no problem.


      Eric Bridger <eric@...>

      26-01-2006 14:30

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              Vedr.:        Re: [soaplite] Problem with mod_perl server, server closes        connection

      Most likely this has to do with your Perl @INC array under Apache.
      Check your Apache httd.conf for a PerlRequire
      "/path/to/modperl-startup.pl" then make sure your module is pushed onto
      the @INC.
      There may be other ways to do this

      On Thu, 2006-01-26 at 07:53, Jonas B. Nielsen wrote:
      > Hello,
      > I am having a hard time implementing a SOAP webservice on Linux using:
      > - Apache
      > - mod_perl 1
      > - Perl 5.6.1
      > - and SOAP::Lite 0.66
      > To just fool around and to get a proof of concept I implemented a
      > webservice on my Mac running perl 5.8.6 (and the same version of SOAP).
      > This was working after about 10 minutes, so I copied the code to the Linux
      > environment and tried again, but it does not seem as if the module to
      > which I am dispatching is ever reached (or initialized) by the server.
      > I am not sure where I should look any more, but could somebody guide me to
      > the place in the code where the action is defined or the dispatch_to
      > target is initialized, that would be appreciated.
      > If you want to help me out but need more data, do not hesitate to ask.
      > Thanks,
      > jonasbn